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Originally Posted by RBYCC View Post
My TT 300CE M103-12V TT with the stock 3.07:1 rear runs 0-60 in the low to mid 5 second range and two weeks ago in 40F ran a 14.39/98.68 1/4 mile with no traction off the line.
With traction I should see mid 13's and 100mph +

Who needs a V8 when you can have a 3.0L torque monster ?
Ed, you should get some wide rubber on your 300CE. I tried full throttle power braking with my car a few nights ago just before moving to Toronto and it was very stable launching at 5000rpm. Pretty good hook up, not much sideways wriggling. Only starts spinning the tyres above 4000. I'm running 255 rear and 225 front. I really need to get the GT25 turbos on. These T2 units mean that I can't actually rev past 5000 so I can only do 0-100km/h in just under 6 seconds (in 20*C heat) currently. With another 2500rpm to play with I'll be able to slash at least a second off that time.
1989 300CE "Project HWA124"
(400rwhp Turbo Technics AMG C36 engine)
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