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Hi Ali Al-Chalabi

Thank for your reply. The oil pressure now reads at around 0.5 when the engine is at running temperature. It does not increase even if I rev it up or while driving. Infact, when I try to rev, the reading actually shows a slight dip and goes lower than 0.5.

It seems that the only time when the pressure reads 3 is when the engine is cold upon start up. This situation does not look normal. Does it? From all other mails that I have read, the pressure should go up when the engine is revved.

The engine oil that I have used is a synthetic one. Some German brand with complete German words on the bottle, which I did not understand a thing. It was recommended by the mechanic when I did the oil change. The initial pressure reading was between 2 and 3. That was about 3 months ago. The drop in the pressure happened only 2 weeks ago. Does this mean that the engine is not getting its fair share of lubrication when the pressure is so low? Before this oil, I got no problem using Mobil 1 10-50. Do you think that the oil that I am using now has broken down that it lose the visicosty already and finally causing the pressure to be so low?

Please pardon me if I am making some silly deductions. I just want my car to operate like any other Mercedes. Thanks in advance.
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