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I,m Back!!!!

It has been a month, since I have been here last, nice to be back, and I see that in one month there is 200 new members, WOW!

Right to the chase.

Remember that diesel whining problem I was talking about before?

Well before signing off, I counted 5 people with this problem, they had been in to there dealers, and no-one has seemed to find out what this is.

Well, to cut to the chase, the head tech at Benz in Canada wants me to change the oil-pump. On the computer there is a new part number for it.

That being said, a new part number either means a new company is making the oil pumps since last year, or they have been modified .

Now dont get off track here, if this is or was the case, how come there is no Service Bulletin on it?

But, here is my question, on this engine, can there be a oil pressure test done while the engine is running?

I want this tested before and after the old unit is taking off, and the new one is put in.

I dont believe in just chasing after ghosts even if the warranty is going to cover it.

If this does fix the problem though, this will be a first.

Chris Ecklund

with new e-mail address!!!!!!