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front door or rear door? airbag?

if an airbag they say disconnect negative battery terminal and wait 15 minutes.

get a quality plastic pry tool.

pry off the recessed plastic piece behind the latch handle.
screw off the trim panel around the latch mechanisim.
the door pull handle should pry off, remove two screw behind it.
find the round plastic cover below the arm rest in front of door packet, pry it out and remove the screw.
there is a lock operating cable or rod that needs to be removed when the whole door trim is pryed off.
if you have an airbag the little SRS plastic piece pry's off so you can remove the screw behind it.

the prying of the door panel away from the door, done before the lock operating cable/rod is released, need to be done without being brutal and with a wide quality pry tool.
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