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Big Eck#2
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This friday when my 98300 DT goes in, they are also going to be putting in a resistor of sorts in the wiring harness.

Here is how this all came about.

When I was shopping for my next car, I looked at 2 97 diesels that had both there instrument panels replaced, with new odometers etc...

This seemed very odd dont you think?, to have 2 seperate cars on the lot with this problem?

Well my 98 has blown 2 bulbs, and the running light itself has actually got cracked somehow, so this bracket is being replaced.

My dealer has said that they are apparently showing up in the taillight assemblies, where the bulbs pop first.

Now this relay/resistor, might/could be a Canadian thing only, as the States do not have day-time running lights yet.

Unless there is some one else out there in the States whom has had this problem also.

Well just sharing for now, I will fill in the group this weekend when it has been modified

Chris Ecklund