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Foot in One's Mouth

Well you've got me alright, I'd better watch what I,m saying for fear of what will happen.
But when your riding a thorough bred you like to let people know about him.
Joan and I thought we would trade our beloved "Donka" in on a small machine we could tow behind our Motor Home. You know same engine standard transmission. Well we tried a few on for size. Not only did they not fit but they weren't the least bite as well suited as our old 1987 MB. You have to drive them to realize the difference, yuke!
Not only are their toy cars bad but the sales clerk, you notice I didn't say salesman, are so insulting. They noticed the miles on my Benz and immediately start running him down.
One clerk at a "Focus" dealer asked if I trade him in would I take 10% more for Donka to allow him to purchase my Benz personally. He test drove him for evaluation and test the accessories.
The next morning we had a dead battery, he played everything, and the overhead lighting control and I never paid any attention that the interior light stayed on.
As you've already guest, we're shotting for 200K, only have a few to go.
Happy Trails Beep beep from the Spiderman, Donald in Houston!!!
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