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upon deeper exploration of this new problem,I noticed two things-
1-water inrad at top with hose came out pretty slow at bottom.....partial clog?
2-after flush,refill,burp and test drive coolant is now weeping from top of radiator.
I am hoping that a partially clogged rad will be the source of my slight back pressure in rad hose.I think(correct me if wrong please) with the expansion tank cap working right,there should be something less than 16psi in coolant system even after cooling down(though obviously much less when cool or cold).After replacing cap I have little to no pressure now.
Back to number two.....
Is there an aftermarket radiator available that is all metal?not the metal/plastic combos.I thought I remember someone(roy maybe) mentioning this little tidbit in another thread(though I have been unable to find it).
1984 300D turbo 155k
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