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Originally posted by Jim's500E
Really? Wouldn't it burn cleaner with less waste products and provide some sort of gain, albeit not huge? I don't want to mess with timing or anything like that. I also don't want to ruin the cat...which I was told it would do in its 111 form. Would a higher than normal octane confuse the computer or would it compensate and adapt?

Thanx for yout thoughts.
Ruining the cat is a possibility. Also, your computer will compensate for lower octane, but not higher. It does not advance timing to the point of knocking, but retards it if detected.

Also, racing gas generally has no additives, and is not the best for street purpose cars, especially cars that serve "driving duty." Pump gas is better for your engine. One tank of racing gas might not hurt, but prolonged/continued use will not be a good idea.

If your car has no detonation on pump gas, you won't see a single hp adding that racing gas, even diluted. Too bad it can't be shipped. I've got a buddy with a turbo Miata set on kill that needs it...
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