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Well I agree with Silver Boat on most of his assessment other than the part about an E being compared to a 7 and a 5 being compared to a C. The C's and 3 series, the E's and 5s and the S's and 7s are competition respectively. Yes, they do have a different focus, the Benzs are more luxurious while the BMWs are more sporty, but this holds more true for the older models. The newer ones are getting closer in electronic gadgets, luxo and such. Also, the older S's I would say were a step up fron the 7s. The 7s have always played second fiddle to the S, but that is changing with their brand new 7. Now they will be closer than ever while still keeping their different focus (flashy cruiser vs sporty). So as far as your question...what do you want? Do you want a flashy luxo car? Or do you want a "young" sporty yet practical car? Also, if you are shopping for a V8 E420, why not look at a more powerful V8 540i? And if you jump for a 5, I think it was 97 or 98 they changed all their suspension components to aluminum. I am thinking of this off the top of my head, you may want to confirm the year, but I think it was 97 or 98. Happy shopping!
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