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I thought I capitualated and ended this thread...

I wouldn't run it full strength as I stated and the stuff comes in sealed 5 gallon cans with an MSDS sheet with its own plastic funnel built into the top. Most definitely cleaner than the gas you get out of the 20 year old rusting underground storage tanks at your local petrol station.

As for washing with distilled water...I bet you would see a difference, not major but...with less particulates and dissolved organic and inorganic constituents, the surfactants associated in the soap compounds would rinse off better because of less surface area for them to adhere to. The relation of hydrogen ions (pH) is also probably more nuetral and over time; the less of a degrading effect might be seen on the painted and/or rubber surfaces as compared to using a more domestic, acidic, treated water with chlorines, flourides and such, however, UV radiation over time may nulify any noticeable benefits gained by using a distilled water.

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