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Doug McCutchan
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I have spent a fair bit of time trying to eliminate the harsh shifts I get
at light throttle on my 1983 W126. Here is what I have done.

-New filter and fluid.
-Correctly adjusted Bowden Cable.
-Checked vacuum at modulator (is a petrol engine so makes lots of its own
-Replaced vacuum modulator (with updated type).

After all of this I still experience unacceptably hard shifts on light
throttle. I have backed the modulator adjustment fully counter clockwise to
see what effect it has and I still cannot get any flaring or slipping - only
hard shifts. In fact I really don't think that the adjustment has any real

At medium to full throttle I get acceptably smooth shifts (but I spend most
of my time in peak hour traffic driving slowly).

The obvious answer is a new transmission - Does anyone have anything else
they think I should consider checking ?

Doug McCutchan
W124 1987 230TE
W126 1983 280SE