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Caught Again

Brother of The Benz 300EE20
Well you surely put to rest the falicy that only fresh motor oil extends the life of the guides and seals.
I would imagine that combustion chamber pressures resulting from a heavy throttle plays a large part as well.
Also, we never consider the climate the machine lives in.
The tools both of you have used sounds similair, yet the quality of one apparently is better than the other, KD being the better one.
Neither mentions air applied throught the spark plug opening; isn't this required using you new(?) type tool?
I'm trying for 200K miles then a three angle valve seat with guides and valves where required. I also want the cumbustiion chambers C.C'd.
I've toyed with the option of renewing the camshaft with a grind that would improve on all around engine performance with out revving the heart out of Him.
I've 13K miles to make my decision(approx.1 yr).
I've rambled on and haven't added anything to the party so,
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Donald The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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