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I took a look while detailing the engine compartment on vacation. I found no leaks at the front of the engine and pump/resevoir. Could not look at the Steering box itself and the connections. I did clean the undertray while I had it removed and I'll take another look to see if it seeps again, till then, I'll watch and wait.

Did you get a chance to look up the invoice for your repair on the 400E. Just curious on the Part # and price.

I drove 2300 miles on vacation and used approx 1/2 qt of Mobil1.
If it continues,(i.e.Doesn't start leaking) I will be thrilled.
averaged about 22 mpg w/ A/C on @ 75MPH.
18.5-19 arounf town.

Car drove like a dream down and back.

I'm going to replace the plugs at the 1st chance I get.


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