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>When my power steering was leaking (it "lost" fluid VERY slightly for awhile first...might notice a .5 cm. drop in fluid level, but never anything else in a 1 month period) When the leak got to the point of noticing it would wet the undertray, suspension, etc but never make it onto the ground/driveway. If yours is spotting the driveway, it may be a sooner rather than later item. Have you noticed how much P/S fluid your going through? >

It's not anything on the driveway or anything, but I did notice it on the undertray.
At first I thought it was where someone missed the funnel or something else, but I dunno. It's going to take some more investigation.

>The sunroof paint difference is something I see on MANY W124's. Doesn't matter if it is original paint, repaint, just does not age as well on the sunroof. Almost looks like little acid rain pits. The cloudy usually responds to some Meguiar's #9 and #7 + some Gold Class, but the "pits" are not as easy to dispell. Are the cloudy areas raised, or sunken/into the paint. If they are raised, a clay-cleaning bar should work wonders for you. >

No it's just like you descirbed, water spot looking. I tried buffing with a buffer and compound, but it seemed like it came back worse. I talked to the Mb body shop and his thoughts are that the S/R doestn't have the sound insulation layer like the rest of the roof has and it is subject to more heat that the rest of the roof. Kinda makes sense because the S/R Panel is sprayed at the same time as the rest of the car with the same amount of paint. I guess I'll live until I respray it later. Kinda nice in that I can remove it to respray. Won't involve a lot of masking and such.

PS Don't know if you noticed but your reply's are being posted multiple times.