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The easiest way to seperate intake from head, loosen bypass hose, remove cold start injector (replace gasket) , remove hose from idle speed air valve ( be careful) . remove all bolts from intake manifold , last one will be the nut where the cold start injector is. After you remove the nut the intake should loosen easily, it will not move a whole lot maybe 1/2 inch or so. Make sure you time it correctly and remove the pin where the chain runs through the rail before removing head. I always use new head bolts regardless .Make sure you clean headbolt threads in block very well , also apply a small amount of oil to the head bolts upon installation ( these bolts are stretch bolts ). If you are going to use a sealant on the upper cover mating surface I recommend permatex gray. I use it on every timing cover reseal I have done and never had any leaks.Another thing to think about is if you have the head off you might wanna think about resealing lower timing cover while you are that far.
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