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Rough Idle '79 450SL

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions on what might be the cause of a rough idle when the car is fully warmed... The idle drops to around 600-650 RPMS. The oil pressure stays around the first bar which is within specs I believe.

Otherwise the car runs magnificantly. I recently had the injector seals replaced, new plugs, new chain tensioner. I also adjusted the idle screw 1/2 turn counter-clockwise. Also, motor mounts recently replaced (by prior owner).

I could not find anything specifically in the archives that addressed this problem and since I've dropped a lot of cash on this car the last 2 months, I'd like to try to fix this myself. Any suggestion would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, what are the rules of thumb on adjusting the idle screw? How much and in what direction produces what result.
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