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Exclamation Fuel overflowing tank! Will not drain

Hi all. It has been sometime since I have posted. Been lucky I guess. I own a 1984 300D. She runs great except...when I got home from work I noticed a big puddle beneath the benz. It is diesel fuel which had got into the trunk.

So here is the problem:
Fuel is backing up out of the tank, it is over flowing. The car still runs, so fuel is getting to the engine, but why is the tank backing up past the filler neck through the fuel cap? Fuel gage reads 3/4 full so there is not too much fuel in the system. In fact, I filled up (a full tank) 2 days ago and have put nearly 100 miles on the car so I know there is no way the tank is too full. Unless of course the miracle finally happened and my car is now running on air...ha ha.

If anyone can help with this I would really appreciate it. We are a one car family so this would really put us in a bind if I cannot solve this.

Thanks in advance


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