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Eric R. Circuns
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Angry 190E Fuel Injection Problems

I own a 1989 190E 2.6, Here are the symptoms: The engine will start, power is very smooth, in high rpm ranges, once I start letting go of the gas at about 1500 rpm's the engines starts to feel slugish, if I let go of the gas the engine will stall, I can not mantain an idle speed at all, the engine can be running all day long from 1000 rpm up, but once I let go of the gas the engine will stall, sometimes after this happens I can't start the engine again after this happens, sometimes I have to wait about half an hour before I can started again. No matter what I do I can start the engine after a good rest, and I can keep it running as long as I dont go bellow 1000 rpm's. The EHA valve was replaced, I have adjusted the clearance of the fuel distributor plunger according to the manual, and it had little effect on the problem. Questions: could I have a bad Fuel Distributor? Bad Injectors?
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