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retro fitted AC compressor not working

I bought my 1982 389sl during the winter months and never really knew if the AC worked. The P.O. stated, it did when he stored the car away several years ago. Anyways the system was dry, so I bought a retro fit kit to change it over to 134. It sucked up 2 cans of 134, but the compressor will not kick on. I found 2 black wires at a contection on the passengers side inner fender by the radiator fill tank and tried jumper them to get the compressor on, still didn't work. Checked the AC fuse, it's good. There should be some kind of hot wire going into the compressor. The 2 black wires seem to be grounds or a switch. Any ideas or suggestions, before I take it into the shop and get overcharged for labor.
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