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Zoni - can't do that- the UV from the sun and the extreme temperatures reached in the car will damage the instrument type finish. Just so you all know - I refinished my wood myself. It took me over a month of evenings and week ends to strip the hard finsh off with very caustic stripper and a lot of hand sanding. The white powder and smell made it a very messy job. Once I got them stripped down ( yes I went too far in one spot and that is how I know the burl veneer is very thin and mounted on a mahogany base glued to a metal backing) I used a mixture of stains to replicate the area I rubbed down to far (1/2"x1/4") and I restained the burl- even I can't tell where it was damaged. I then used a two part Behr pourable clear plastic coating as a finish. The flat pieces were a piece of cake- the curved pieces were hard to do as you had to keep turning the the pieces in the air until the coating started to gel to ensure a smooth surface. Took me several tries on the curved pieces to get it right. I did this two years ago and the finish is still like new. Would I recommend anyone doing it??? Not on your life!!! If I would have known what I was getting into I would not have started. Once started I sweated all the way to completion. When I get my car out of winter storage in a couple of months - I will post pictures.The reason I used the Behr pourable finish was to get about the same thickness as the factory stuff with the slightly rounded edges of the finish. If anyone wants to try this be forewarned - when you strip the pieces you also remove some of the factory stain and each piece has a different glow to them. I used mineral spirits to wet the stripped wood to see what the end color would be. That is why I had to re-stain all the pieces to match. If you try to do only one piece - make sure you have the proper color match to the other pieces before finishing. If anyone still wants to try it themselves - post on this thread and I will provide what info I have although - don't say I didn't warn you!
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