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Paul F.
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As I mentioned in a previous post, the tranny in my 85 190E went out a few weeks ago. Lost reverse, and when starting from a stop it would slip badly until it got up to highway speed. Is is possible it was starting out in 3rd or 4th gear?? I took to the local MB dealer. They said a cooling line was leaking/broke, hence the fluid all over my driveway but when i checked the level it was fine!!?? My problem is this. The extended warranty that i have will only cover up to a max. of $2,000. They (warranty company) want to know what failed in the tranny before they give authorization for repair; rebuilding vs. reman unit. The MB dealer says it will be 10-15 hours to tear apart tranny for inspection. Does this sound right? Can't a reasonable diagonstic be performed with minimal effort? (i.e. remove pan and look for debris, etc.) At this rate the tear down will cost $1200 which leaves $800 for actual repair. A reman unit is $1600. Please any advice will be greatly appriciated.

Paul F.
85 190E (DOA at dealership)
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