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C230's first component failure...

Well, at about 80K and a year and a half ago, I had the final drive seals replaced under warranty, but only one seal was sweating, and so slightly it was really tough to tell. The dealer replaced them to avoid a ***** session with me. So, i'm not counting that warranty repair.

Today, I had my first REAL failure. This morning, my blower fan was squealing like Ned Beatty in Deliverance, and REALLY horribly around right hand bends.

A quick trip to the dealer, and they lubed the bearings, but two blocks away, it came back, just as bad. New one will be in on Tuesday, replacement under warranty.

Anyone who has replaced a W124 blower fan would faint at how easy it is on the W202 C-Class! I could do it myself. (Would were the car out of warranty)

Anyone know if the evaporator is that easy too? Wouldn't that just make long term ownership TOO easy?

I'm not surprised at the failure. Our cold dry winters are murder on the blower fans, and MB's seem pretty failure prone anyway. All my 190E's had them on my list of "about to go anyday" components.
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