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Need help/advice

Hey this is my first time posting here but i have been a reader for a while.

Ok let me tell you my situation. My father currently drives a red 96 r129 sl600 and he just put in his order for a brand new sl63. He totally surprised me by asking if i wanted to take his sl600!! im currently driving a 99 pathfinder so i didnt hesitate on saying **** YEA:zoom: The only thing he requested was that i keep my pathfinder and split time in the cars. Then i asked him if i could tune it if i put my money into it and took responsibility for any repairs and i got the thumbs up!!! to make this even better ive been saving up for a car so i have a good amount of money that i am not going to need for a while so i really want to achieve a goal that i have had for a while and tune a beast. The only problem with this is the lack of available performance parts. I did a basic search of google and looking through forums but being a older rare car it isnt that easy finding. From reading the boards i know there are many knowledgeable members, so can anybody help me find performance parts for a 96 r129 sl600?!?!
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