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Originally posted by Merc

Iv'e got a 230e with a blown head gasket,one guy's told me not to use the car at all,for fear of "blowing up" the engine completely,(if I can avoid it),another had said I can as long as I keep an eye on the level in the expansion tank and keep the collant topped up.
Can anyone tell who's right/wrong?,any advice is greatly appreciated.

A head gasket is typically something that WILL continue to create further problems. Others have mentioned coolant getting into the cylinder. This of course will add to problems. Second, coolant may get into an oil passage. This will cause the oil to thicken into a useless sludge, causing it to sieze, throw a rod, shatter a piston, etc. Also combustion gases can get into the cooling system, over pressurizing it. This can trash water pumps, radiators, hoses, etc.

Seriously, you are being given good avice to park the car untill you can repair it.
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