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Originally Posted by TMAllison View Post
You are being modest Jake; I don't think anyone has dealt with a broken GP with the ease and workmanlike manner that you did.
Ha! Thanks! But I think you give me too much credit. Ease? I cried myself to sleep the night it broke off!

As for workmanlike manner, well I was terrified of drilling into the head. I took my time and stopped frequently... like, neurotically... to make sure I was going in at the right angle. I even drilled & tapped a GP in my vice just to get a feel for it.

Just the same, there is NO WAY I would have even tried it if I hadn't found Alan's fantastic write-up. It laid it out step-by-step in a way I could understand, and made it seem like something a DIYer could do so long as they do it CAREFULLY. Hats off, Alan!

If it's helpful to anyone, I did these "crude" drawings to illustrate the process:

1999 e300d PlantDrive WVO/SVO conversion
**note to self: oil changed at 268k kms**
1990 Toyota 4Runner FrankenDiesel swap
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