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Unhappy 300td with ignition/starter troubles?

My 81 300TDT was starting BEEE-U-TEEE-FUL...until tonight.
We were leaving friends house, started absolutely no problems.
I got home (less than 2 miles) and shut it off to put my kids inside. No more than 5 minutes later I go out to put the car away. Glow plug light doesn't even come on. The lights dim, and I hear the glow plugs "glowing". count to 5 (like I normally do) and attempt to turn her over. Nothing. I mean nothing. Not even the tell-tale 'click'.
I have had the instrument cluster in and out quite a few times in the last few weeks. Could I have weakened a connection? If it were the starter wouldn't it have given me some kinda signal?
I have no way to test the voltage myself.
Car now sits in my driveway, collecting rain/snow with no way to plug it in for the night. (sniff)
Any help would be advised, as it is now 11:30pm and my wife is getting pretty sick of me running out to the car, back in to the computer, back out to the car, etc. and we *need* it for tomorrow night.
Thanks in advance.
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