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Unhappy 560 SEL rear passegner wheel sag

I have a 91 560 SEL with 135,000 miles with a rear right wheel that sags ( the top of the wheels is directed in). The left rear wheel has no problems. I changed the accumlators 20,000 miles ago, the sub frame mount 500 miles ago. The hydermatic system seems to be in a working order. The car is in the correct hight, the shocks don't leak oil and the car stays leveled at all times. The top rubber between the springs and the frame looks good. the rubber between the shocks and the frame seem to be good too. All rubber bushing that is part of the suspension system in the rear looks good.

I took the car to a mercedes shop a while back and they told me that the pump and the level control value appears to be in working order. I can rise the car through adjustment in the back and the car will stay at the adjusted level. Actually the ride is better with the car rised higher than normal ( I thought of that as a solution but the car is too high for my liking.)

One thing that I noticed about the car is that the ride comfort is dependent on the mood of the car. At time the car rides great other times the rides is not good specially in city driving.

I searched through the posts at this web site but couldn't find a answer.

I just can't find the cause behind this problem. Any help will be greatly appreatiated
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