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Thanks Doc....

I started tearing the car down today... but I'll be travelling most of next week so I do have some time before I need to have parts in hand. I really would like to get an original MB pump, but new not rebuilt.

The front cam cover has been "oozing" oil (a really slow leak) so I have a bit of a mess to clean up. While I'm into engine, I'll be doing a big service on the motor in general including the hydraulic system as the car has both the ASD and Rear Axle level control options. I'm also thinking about replacing the camshaft. I did get a new catalog from Impco recently that show the Shrick camshaft for the 2.6. I know it's only 10% at best, but it's another 12-15 HP (BTW Renntech wants a mere $1800 for their camshaft and offer 1 or 2 more HP than the Shrick which costs $550). Logic here anyone?

I'll be searching for water pumps which includes here as well. Thanks again for replying.

Regards, KM