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sorry this is so long...

After pulling off the housing and taking it apart, I've gotten a better idea of how this thing is supposed to work. I noticed how when the piston is all the way down the threaded hole (where the little filter attaches) closes and stops air from being sucked in. This explained why you guys asked me to check it at operating temp...
After putting in the new thermo, the amount of air being sucked in droped considerably after the engine warmed up, but it never stopped. After 15 mins of driving around, the engine would still die if I put my finger over the hole.

I know I said I would try not to waste any more of your time, but I feel soo close to fixing the thing.

Here is a pic:

I'm pretty sure my engine has been replaced with an SE engine (supposedly a direct replacement), but I can't help think that someone before me knew there was a problem around here and tried to rig something up.

If you look at the pic, you can see 2 brass-colored rings. The one on the left is part of the thermo, and the right (thicker one) is some kind of washer. Is this the normal setup? Call my dumb (oh wait, some of you already have ) but is this the way is should be?

I'm thinking that since the amount of air being sucked in actually changed from a lot (I left the little filter off, and the sucking was LOUD) to less... the thermo is actually moving in there. But I'm thinking that either that little 1/4" washer is stopping it from extending all the way down or the thermo just isnt strng enough to push all the way??

I guess thats about it. I think I'm going to put the old thermo abck in to see if it does the same thing. Maybe the piston just needed to be freed up.

Thanks in advance...
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