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Beep, beep, beep

I picked up my replacement keys from the dealer today. Soon as I got home I pulled the passenger footwell to ensure the alarm was still connected, then set about playing with the keys.

Using the new key I followed the test in the manual and the alarm goes off - horns honking lights flashing, little kids covering their ears and running off . Unlocking the door disarms the alarm. Alarm sets from driver's door, passenger door and the trunk. I couldn't disarm at the trunk though, will study up on that one. I also, sat inside, locked the door through the open window and then tried starting the car with the old key, alarm went off but the car started. I guess it might draw some attention toolin' down the road with light flashing and horn honking though.

Tried the same test again using the old key (brass after market), no arming of the alarm. It also will not disarm the alarm.

Not sure what the difference the key makes, but now I have a working alarm.
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