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Thanks Jim.

The MBs made after 98 all use measurements that can't be read with normal alignment machines. All others can easily be done with standard equipment. Techniques can be different but I can tell you, as I have argued on this site in the past, that good alignments are done by people and not machines.

As in many things getting someone to pay attention and take care is most often the problem with auto repair. I can't tell you exactly where to find these people as they are all over and not all over.

BTW the new cars can still be aligned with most equipment its just you need to get specs that use the old equipment. The new system uses a device attached to the lower control arm that combines the vehicle level with the other readings. Vehicle level is taught to be the first thing to confirm in doing an alignment after airing the tires. A good alignment tech could probably make your car perform better (if you have a problem) without a machine than half of the people doing alignments with all the types of machines. keeping the tires from wearing out requires the machine for the last bit of toe.
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