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Seal? What, when & how?

I haven't actually down this but I'm planning on having to do it eventually. You can do a search of these threads for more info.

I've read that you put the seal in place around the glass. Then you take a greased string and wrap this twice around the outside of the seal in the outer groove where the metal hole frame will eventually fit. The string should be strong and smooth like the old fashion twisted white cotton stuff, I needs to small enough to fit in the seal groove. I would use a water based lubricante like K-Y jelly as it will eventually dry and not stay oily or greasy but you could use something like dish soap to lubricate the string also.

You place the window in the hole catching the bottom groove of the seal on the bottom frame lip. You position the window as close as possible centered and while keeping a slight pressure from the outside you reach or go inside and slowly pull the string straight back perpendicular to the window, into the passenger compartment. as the string comes along it flips the inside lip of the window seal into and over the inside of the metal frame. You pull slow and steady and I would slightly lubricate the outside of the inner seal lip to allow less friction from the rubber surface. You wrap the string twice so that if a section doesn't fold inward the first go around you've got a second chance to get it all in if it goes in right the first go around you can just pull the second string wrap in and be done, it won't be doing anthing except coming out the second time. Having someone you trust exert pressure from the outside, at the right amount, at the right place, and at the right time, would probably be a big help! If it doesn't work you've got to pull everything out, set it up again, and retry.

After the rubber seal is in place inside and out you place the chrome strips in place on the outside and push them in to seat them. The chrome strips lock the seal in place.

I haven't done this yet nor have I seen it done, but honestly I can't wait to do it because it sounds mighty slick and trick! Good luck And post it, if it works!
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