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I have done this before.

I found that installing the glass and the chrome strips as a complete assembly unit is the way to go. Using a lot of silicon lube definitely helps. If you wait and try to install the chrome strips afterwards it is awful pain.

You want to use a fairly large cord, ideally nylon which tends to be slippery on its own. Having someone outside helping by GENTLY GENTLY GENTLY "slapping" the glass to "facilitate" its movement on to the body piece that the rubber gasket sets in.

Critical is centering the glass, speaking left and right. Look carefully and then double check. I always started with the bottom of the glass and chrome strip assembly seated and ready to go. The weight of the glass pushing down with gravity plus the bottom being wider than the top made it go very well.

A warm glass gasket helps. I have done three or four this way, both fronts and rears.

Hope this helps.

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