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That must feel very nice and I can feel your grin! My 87 260E has almost 304,000 miles and am facing the same situation. Am using oil, no leaking, and needs some form of attention to the seals/valves. I am uncertain if I will sell it or foot the bill for the necessary repairs. I bought it quite cheap and has been paid for for some time. I still enjoy driving it (especially with the resistor removed!) and it has many other new parts including the a/c conversion. It is my daily driver and it sees a lot of miles so I'm not sure I can justify payments for the same thing in a newer version. It has almost become a game to see how long this car will go!

Anyway, thanks for letting me think out loud as I teeter on the threshold of indecision!

Glad to hear you are enjoying the new life you have given your MB!
Brian W.

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