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99 E300TD Intake Manifold Removal

After I removed 14 torx bolts which secure the intake to engine appears that some there are additional bolts that keep the manifold in place (from under it). Looking at a sketch from AllData, appears that I need to unbolt the EGR pipe and EGR valve before the manifold will come out.
From the drawing seems that I need to go under the car, remove the splash shield and by using a 2-3 feet long extension the ERG bolts might be reached. Is this true?
I need to replace the glow plug. Should I use a regular Bosch glow plug or should I go for a Duraterm glow plug? It is true that they will last longer than 65,000 miles? Also, should I replace all glow plugs or just the one that failed?
Looking forward to your feedback. Sincerely, Pat
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