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No I've never done this before, but having shop manual and CD I thought I'd give it a whirl. It really wasn't that difficult looking back on it. It is time consuming first time, but the learning curve is over and I could do it in half the time now. The toughest part was getting the intake manifold to separate far enough to remove head. There are two intake manifold support brackets under the manifold that are very difficult to access. Each has two bolts, but you only need to remove one from each. I got one off, but could never get to the second support, but found out I didn't need to.

Also there were many connections that had to be removed that I wasn't aware of. If you have an air pump, the pipe leading to head needs to come out. Exhaust manifold has a support bracket at tranny and another at front of engine that both need to come off. There are a bunch of 6mm hex screws that come out at various spots, get a 6mm hex key socket for these (tranny dipstick bracket, start valve support bracket, and another bracket at rear near firewall driver side) You DO NOT want to strip any bolts if you can help it, so rid bolts of as much grease as possible before you try to remove them. Also, spray some penetrating lube on exhaust bolts well in advance to loosen those suckers up.

I will post a pic of the machine worked head. When I was there dropping mine off, the shop had my exact 103 head on the work bench almost finished. It was beautifully done -- an amazing transformation. Total cost for refurb is $340 with new guides and seals, including valve grind -- money very well spent if you plan on keeping this great engine running for alot longer.

If you decide to do yours, and need any advice at all, please email me without hesitation, I'll help you out with quick advice as I'm constantly checking my email. I'll even send you a photocopy of the shop manual pages that explain step-by-step what needs to be done. Let me know. This offer applies to anyone on this forum.


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