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I struggled for a while between trade or fix. I looked and drove several other 124 during the last month to try and find something that would really be much better than my old faithfull. The only one I found was a 1993 400E, which was priced well over market price.
Looking at the economics, how much more car would I get for the amount of money I needed to make my old 260E happy again???
My car is paid for, still looks the same it did when I bought it in 1993, rides like a charm.
What is really unbelievable is the found-again-power and smoothness after the job. I did not remember this car could perform so well. Having everything done at the same time (valves, timing chain, camshaft, full tune-up) probably gave me back 25HP/35HP that were gradually lost over the years.
That car is good for an other 150,000mi. or more.
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