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Oil separator question!?!?!??!?!?!?

Oil separator question.

I posted this on the diesel section-no response.

I am going to look at a 82 300D turbo again on Monday. The oil pipe on the bottom of the air cleaner had jumped out of the oil pipe going down to the oil pan. Oil had leaked down from the oil separator in the air breather assembly out the pipe and ran down the block and such.

What is the normal amount of oil that should be present dripping down that tube to the pan?? A few drops a day? Many drops a day?

Obviously there IS supposed to be oil going back down to the pan or this oil separator would not be in place.

Please respond!!! I HAVE to make a decision on this car tomorrow. Car has 220K miles on it and is in beautiful condition. Price is $2k. Fair??
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