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Originally Posted by ForcedInduction View Post
Ever think that actions like that may be WHY they charge so much for parts???
Not at all. Back in the 60's when I started going there with my Dad an honest owner had the place. No rip offs going on then 'cause the guy was super nice and charged reasonable prices. Wouldn't think of taking a thing from the original guy. About 5 or so years ago a new guy bought the place and prices immediately went through the roof plus he's a total a#*hole to deal with. He's mainly a scrapper and really isn't interested in selling parts, so if you want them, you pay and deal with a big grump. He tried to get $125 from me for a tire mounted on a steel 240 rim and the tire was over half gone! Only a couple of locals even bother to go there these days. Besides the stuff I take is nickel dime crap like a fuel cap if I need one or once I needed a cigarette lighter. Not like I'm taking instrument clusters or anything expensive. Only been there 3 times since he bought the place. Most often there are zero 123's anyhow.

Next closest junk yard is about a 50 mile or better drive one way so I usually go there just so I don't have to deal with Mr.Jerk.....better deals too IF you can find a 123. No trucks there though....


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