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good news............... and some bad

Well, I finally added enough spacing, and the piston gets pushed all the way down at operating temp. There is no air being sucked in, and the engine is not affected when I put my finger over the hole.
Then I took out the plugs and cleaned them with some gasoline and an old toothbrush, and after putting everything back together, the engine was running wonderfully!

After 10 mins of idleing in the garage and another 15 mins of driving around, she started acting up again. The engine started sputtering and would try to cut off under high acceleration.

I took one of the plugs out when I finally made it home, and it was BLACK! DagGUM carbon fouling!

One thing I noticed... Before I had the theromo working correctly, a lot of black residue would be shot out of the exhaust pipe (a clear sign of rich mixture, as I have been told), but now there is none.

Whatever the problem still is, I know the FI thermo was a big part of it. Thanks to all who have helped me eliminate one of the culprits.

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