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I am in the process of fixing the same problem where only one side of the rear of the seat will move. In my case the square drive cable appears to be a little too short and when the square drive is pushed all the way into the motor, it doesn't engage the gear head actuator. I am thinking about removing the metal end on the cable casing and shortening it by about 3/16".

It is easy to disassemble the actuator and see how it works. The square drive cable fits into a worm gear and I assume that yours is somehow caught but I do not see how this would cause a failure of the seat because it should still drive the worm gear. Have you had any luck solving your problem? Perhaps is is stripped and has stopped 45degrees from where it should be and the friction is great enough to make removal difficult.

For the record, this actuator is a two stage gear reduction. The first stage is a worm gear and the second stage is a planetary gear.
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