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Excellent documentation!
This is exactly what I was thinking about doing to fix my seat. In my case the square cable was not rounded off but had just slipped back toward the motor enough so that it became disengaged. After carefully measuring the amount of engagement at the motor end (about .60"), I concluded that I could insert a .25" long spacer made from an old o-ring that had about a 5mm cross section diameter into the square drive socket at the motor end and thus provide the necessary cable length to properly engage the actuator. I did not disconnect the cable sheath at the motor end (looked like a lot of screws), I just removed the center drive cable, inserted the spacer, and pushed it into place by reinserting the drive cable.
Just finished reinstalling the seat and everything works as it should.

An interesting observation during this process was that the seats without the memory feature use a different cable because it doesn't have to pass through a feedback potentiometer. When I measured the minimum amount of engagement in the actuator (cable pushed all the way into the motor) the dimension was .20" longer than on the seats with memory feature. I wonder if this was a design error?? Have others had this problem on seats without the memory option or has the problem been documented on the passenger seat that doesn't have the memory feature?
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