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Re: Lubro-Molly?


Lubro Moly is called Liqui Moly in Germany. They make a wide range of wonderful products. These products are of the highest quality and are approved by manufacturers such as Porche , BMW and Mercedes. I use them regularly in my cars. I like their Ventil Sauber (Valve Clean) and the Jectron (fuel injection cleaner) especially. I find they make an instantaneous difference when I use them.

You can visit their web page at:

If you have any other questions I'd love to help. I just love these products. Only problem is that we don't have access to the full international line.

We are all friends here so I'm going to go the extra step.
This is the direct home number of Mr. Gary Boyd who is the official North American supplier 1-800-223-1634
Call him if you need to find a supplier in your area, and try to call him during business hours. He is in California.

And guys, please try not to flood him with calls.
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