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I detected two smalll leaks in my system by observing a slight oily residue.
One was around the coupling between the condenser and the hose for the last couple of years, then last week I found an oily area on the condenser itself - bummer.
These are easy to spot if they have been seeping for awhile, and the under- hood area is reasonably clean. Just start at one end and work through.
You may have to unclip the radiator and ease it back to see the whole condenser, or remove the front fans.
Of course, it may well be the evaporator; in that case, you're toast!

Oh, after observing the little oil residue on the hose coupler, I took it to the best AC shop in town. They dyed it, sniffed it right at the coupler, and found no problem. So, I cleaned the coupler to operating room specs, and sure enough, a month later, there was that little oily residue again. Must be pretty small.

I'm like you, I have 4 cans of R12 rusting away in the cabinet. Since I think I know both leak points, I'm gonna let it run until it gets low, then replace the condenser and accumulator, and use my stash of R12 to charge it up, and have one can left for later top-off. Then pray the evaporator or the hose or the compressor don't blow.

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