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Two problems over the weekend

I experienced two new problems Saturday that did not reoccur Sunday. I know intermittent problems are harder to solve, but maybe I can get a head start in case it happens again. I have a 1991 300CE.

1. I was driving Saturday night and the check bulb light came on the dashboard. When I got home, I had my daughter apply the brake with the lights on. When she depressed the brake pedal, the right and window brake lights worked fine, but the left lights shut off. When she let up, the regular lights came back on. This did not reoccur Sunday.

2. When I unlocked the door from the driver's side, the other door and gas door did not unlock. After driving for about 15 seconds, they did unlock. Unlocking the door from the passenger side presented no problems for the other door and gas door. This, again, did not reoccur Sunday.

Thank you for any thoughts.

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