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Haven't been able to check the tank vent or strainer as yet.
However today I noticed the GolfTee sticking in the port on the side of my switchover valve was missing. (Previous owner played with EGR) Dunno the last time I checked it.
It musta fallen out along time ago, as I've been used its sluggishness for awhile.

I replaced it and have ALOT more firmness to the accelerator pedal, as well as massively increased go-power from standing.

Im talking about regular slow excel, not the under 1/4 tank problem.
Im at 1/2 tank and will have to wait a bit to see what happens when I get low on fuel now.....

Can someone fill me in on the why of that?
Also, Was that possibly also related to earlier problem?

Am I trying to connect unconnected things here or am I onto something?
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