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Thanks to all recent posters...

As regards Duracool, thanks but no thanks. I've read some epic threads here and elsewhere about the pros and cons of this and other alternatives. I'm with the purists: I don't like mixing different refrigerants, so I want to keep to "clean" R12; or if i really have to, flush the system, drain and change oil, change lots of parts, and go over to straight R134a.

Thanks also S-class Guru for pointing me in some directions to look for the leak. Only clue I have is slight oily residue on the garage floor under the compressor. Hard to tell where it might have come from - and as my system is in fact now virtually empty, there's now nothing to sniff unless the circuit is re-gassed with something. And that's still the key question.. Can I re-gas with something now that won't affect what is at present an R12 system (and if so what?), and add dye to check for leaks. Or do I have to get it all converted for R134a, first, with new drier etc, then go looking and testing for the leak...?
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