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Re: Fouled plugs

Originally posted by MIKE FREEMAN
Rad Man;
The cold start valves were famous for leaking into the intake manifold.
The valve is located on the far right side of the intake manifold,it has an elect. solenoid ,and a fuel line to it.
On the valve assy. find and remove the 7mm screw,have someone turn on the ignition but don't crank,if gas comes out of the screw hole then the valve is bad!

Ok, I just unscrewed the little 7mm screw and turned the key to the on position. I could hear the fuel pump working (I let it run for a good 3 minutes), but I never had any gas come out.


One thing I thought of... a few months ago I put a bottle of STP fuel injection cleaner in the gastank. I figured that she had been sitting for a while, and needed a little cleaning. Could my problem be in the gas itself?
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