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Sorry Jackd the fuel smell in the "cabin" happened only once. However the smell outside the car is persistant.
Ali, the fuel lines from the rear on up are dry as a bone. When I was searching for my coolant leak a few months back we had a chance to inspect the entire under side and for a 13 yr-old car everything "looked" like it was in pretty good shape. This evening I think I may have found the problem, attached to the (excuse my ignorance) brain looking thing where all the fuel injector lines come togeather (fuel distributor?) there is a black box (Bosch) on the fire-wall side.
On the top center of this electrical box there is a hole. (like a weep hole?). This is where the fuel is comming out. I wiped it clean, it was pretty wet, and within a few minutes fuel was seeping out this hole again. Ok, so why is there a hole here and why is it leaking fuel, and what do I do to fix it?
You guys are great, thank you in advance!


1989 300E 156K

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