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Your number one concern before you even start is ..........A CLEAN WORK BENCH/AREA!!!!! I emphasize this because some passages inside the transmission valve body are as small as a grain of get the picture Clean the entire oustside case first and as you dissassemble the tranny keep each section arrainged on your CLEAN workbench in the order of removal. Follow the manuel and pay very close attention to spacer discs and valve body components. If there is any scoring on surfaces......don't even think of re-use. If this is your first rebuild then plan on taking your time and do not rush. I have a white linen sheet that I cover my bench with so that you can notice any small parts that fall. Take notes and draw pictures to help you remember as time goes on. Almost all the parts can only go one way but be very careful. This is a very labor instensive job so keep reminding yourself to take your time, the reward of a successful rebuild is great!
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